Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Destination Weddings: Why Sanibel Island?

Nowadays, there are so many wonderful Destination Wedding Locations! The world is just full of stunning beaches, amazing sunsets, clear water, and fantastic properties to host your wedding at. In all of the places I have traveled, and all of the places I have seen, I genuinely adore Sanibel Island as a destination location, and believe we are just PERFECT for a destination wedding. I may seem a bit biased, considering I work out here, and live in Southwest Florida, but let me tell you why this is such a magical place for me, and everyone who visits!

The natural beauty of Sanibel speaks for itself. With the entire island serving as a nature preserve, Sanibel has unparalleled levels of native wildlife, foliage, water, natural sand beaches, shells, and stunning views and sunsets for all to enjoy. Where else can you see dolphins, a shark, a bobcat, an iguana, baby turtles, and an alligator all in the same day? (Not an exaggeration, I once saw all of these animals in one day from the time I arrived on Sanibel for work, to my drive home!)

The sunsets on the Island are unlike any I have ever seen, and add such an ethereal atmosphere, that Sanibel seems like it's own world.

Can you imagine a more perfect background for a wedding than this? When nature provides this on your special day, what else do you need?!

When it comes to Sanibel Island as a great Destination Wedding location, this is really a no brainer. The majority of your guests for a destination wedding will be out of area or out of state, so most likely, they are also making a vacation out of your wedding weekend. As such, when hosting a destination, there had better be a whole lot for your guests to do while they are there, aside from the one day your wedding will take place.

Sanibel is PERFECT for vacation, whether your guests are older, young couples, singles, or traveling with young children. The island is full of exciting and relaxing things to do with the whole family.

Consider the following; on Sanibel you can:

1) Rent bicycles and ride the island! Take in the nature and sights while spending relaxing time with your family and loved ones.

2) Enjoy the local tastes at a variety of restaurants! The island is FULL of fantastic restaurants that are all so different. Your guests can travel the island sampling everything, or even stay right on property and enjoy a romantic, exquisite dinner at our very own Thistle Lodge Beachfront Restaurant!

3) Visit J.N Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. You can get there by bike or car, and take in the true beauty of the island in it's most natural form.

4) Rent jet skis, go windsurfing, canoe, kayak, or rent a fishing charter boat for a full day of water fun!

5) Take a sunset cruise off of Captiva. A lot of couples even do this a few days before the wedding to welcome the guests!

6) Visit the Historic Sanibel Lighthouse and have a picnic! There is a great little picnic area right next to the Lighthouse.

7) Go shelling! A visit to Sanibel Island is simply not complete without trolling the beaches for shells! We are one of the best in the country for shelling, and you will find some unique and hard to find shells on our beaches!

8) Golf. For you Golf lovers out there, Sanibel Island has some of the nicest courses around!

9) Shop till you drop! Periwinkle Way, the main road down the Island, is packed full of specialty shops and thrift stores for an amazing shopping adventure!

10) Relax. The beaches are like no other, the water warm, the weather beautiful, the drinks cold and refreshing. At Casa Ybel, your guests never even have to leave the resort to have a great time. They can relax on the beach, or poolside; sipping a cocktail from Coconuts Poolside Grill, and listening to the sounds of Danny Morgan live on the weekends!

Kids can delight in our Casa Kids Club, and give parents a little break to visit Thistle Lodge Restaurant or spend time in their fully appointed condo!

All in all, there is so very much to do on this beautiful island, so there will never be a dull moment during your wedding weekend. We here at Casa Ybel Resort do many, many weddings, and would be delighted to show you just how great we are as a Destination Wedding selection for your special day.

With the natural magic of Sanibel Island, and the pure beauty of our historic resort, we can provide that perfect Destination Wedding you have been dreaming of!

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