Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Vendor Spotlight!!

It is so nice when we get the opportunity to collaborate with our favorite vendors on an amazing project. It is made even more exciting when we have the chance to work with  brand new vendors, and discover how amazing they are to work with, and how amazing their product is!!

This was recently an opportunity we had, and the process from beginning to end was so pleasant, I felt the need to tell you all about it!

Casa Ybel Resort teamed up with some of our favorite local vendors (including Masons Bakery, Signature Florals, Pure Make-Up Artistry, Maria Angela, Connie Duglin Linen, and DJ Ron Rutz) and some brand new vendors to pull off an AMAZING wedding, as well as shoot a fabulous video for the resort!!

We worked with the uber talented Ray Roman, of Ray Roman Films on this video, and cannot begin to explain how wonderful that was. Ray is so incredible at what he does, very easy to work with professional, and the product is going to be out of this world!! The video is still in the editing process so I cannot share it yet, but from the short, unedited clips I've seen I can tell that is is going to be amazing. The second we have the video complete, you can be sure I will share it with the world!! Stay tuned for that!!

Also in this pool of incredible vendors was a company I had not had the pleasure of working with before, Soundwave Production and Lighting Design.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Cyman, one of the lighting designers from this fabulous company about a year ago at a bridal networking event, and we had been dying to collaborate on a project all that time! When this opportunity finally presented itself, we jumped on it, and I cannot express enough how fabulous it was to work with them!!
Andy and his team put together an amazing design for this wedding, and his work will be wonderfully showcased on the video. I will share all of the pictures and video once it comes in, and you will be blown away! The experience simply reiterated to me what lighting TRULY does to take your event to the next level. The rooms were simply transformed, and even made the bride squeal and jump up and down!! Take a look at the following pictures from the Soundwave Portofolio at other properties they have worked at.
See how much of an impact lighting design has??!

Takes the cake to an epic level!!

The whole room "pops" now
 (The above pictures were not taken at Casa Ybel, and are simply showcase pieces for Soundwave)

We highly recommend all of the vendors listed in the blog post, and brides, PLEASE contact Soundwave for all of your lighting wants and needs! If you are booked at Casa Ybel and are interested in adding lighting to your event, just give me a call and we will get started on your unique design!!